1Win Payment Options

A brief description of the 1Win platfrom and what entertainment it offers. Deposit and withdrawal methods: description of the specific payment gateways, lower limits for transactions, and the time required to complete the transaction. Frequently asked questions.

1Win is a popular representative of gambling and betting markets in 2022. The portal allows users from all over the world to launch hundreds of various slots, take part in table games tournaments, bet on favorite sports teams, etc. A distinguishing feature of the portal is various bonuses and promotions for newcomers and regular users. 1Win Mexico team experts regularly change and add new rewards to attract as many new clients as possible. 

Year of foundation2016
License 8048/JAZ2018-040
LicenseeCuracao eGaming Commission
OwnerMFI investments limited
Available entertainmentssports betting, casino and live casino games
SoftwareDesktop, Android and iOS applications
Ability to use Mex$+
Customer support Live chat, email

The 1Win betting platform tries to cover a wide audience, that is why cooperate with various payment systems, electronic wallets, etc. You can place a deposit or withdraw funds in fiat as well as cryptocurrency in a couple of clicks. Below, you can get an insight into the whole variety of available deposit and withdrawal methods at the time of writing.

1Win Deposit Methods

guide of deposit methods available at 1win Mexico casino and sports betting platform

The platform offers handy and easy-to-use 24 deposit methods that allow you to use fiat as well as digital money. In order to place a deposit, you should do the following steps.

  1. Register on the platform or log into the already existing account.
  2. Proceed to the 1Win deposit page and click on the appropriate button.
  3. Choose a suitable payment method and specify the amount you would like to place.
  4. Submit your decision by clicking on the “Deposit” button.

Depositing Limits

1Win deposit methods1Win minimal depositBrief overview
Visa/MasterCardMEX$ 110These are two large companies that dominate the electronic payment market. They have an extensive network of co-branded relationships through which they offer a wide range of financial services.
OxxoMEX$ 25 A payment system that allows you to pay bills and shop online with cash. In this case, you receive a voucher that you need to bring to the OXXO store and pay for the operation in cash.
Mexico WalletsMEX$ 20 This option on the 1Win website, allows you to select one of the 24 available e-wallets to make a transaction. All of them are registered in Mexico.
PerfectMoneyMEX$ 65 This payment system is about instant and secured money transfers. It allows users to try various deposit ways: via bank wire, e-voucher, credit exchange, etc.
SPEIMEX$ 20 This is a system that targets the internal Mexican market. It allows you to make electronic transfers and payments in a couple of seconds.
Mexican banksMEX$ 25 Another deposit method that allows you to select among five big Mexicvouchers including Banorte and Spei Robot.
Cash MexicoMEX$ 5 Using this option, you pick one of 25 Mexican Banks (for example, Oxxo, 7 Eleven, HSBC, and others) to make a transaction.
AstroPayMEX$ 110 AstroPay is an online payment system available on the 1Win betting platform that allows users to make online purchases on international websites. 
BitcoinMEX$ 100 This is the most popular digital currency that you can use to buy, sell, or exchange goods and services. Like most digital currencies, all transactions are taken without intermediaries. 
EthereumMEX$ 70 This is a digital currency system that is based on a peer-to-peer network. It comes with highly-secured transactions and smart contracts.
TronMEX$ 200 It is a digital platform that is based on blockchain technology and uses its own coin called Tronix.
Tether ERC20MEX$ 651,98 This is a special Tether token that works on the Ethereum blockchain.
Tether TRC20MEX$ 651,98 This cryptocurrency is also known as USDT-TRON. These are Tether tokens available on the Tron network.
Tether BEP20MEX$ 651,98 1Win portal allows using these tokens created by Binance, which combine features of blockchain technology and traditional currency.
BinanceMEX$ 200 This is a popular crypto exchange that has its own coins (BNB). Currently, it is the largest crypto exchange in the world.
USD CoinMEX$ 400 USD Coin is a digital currency that is a tokenized US dollar. The ratio of the USD Coin to the US dollar is 1:1.
MoneroMEX$ 200 This is another cryptocurrency that allows highly-secured financial operations and anonymity of all members of the transaction.
DogeMEX$ 200 This is a P2P open-source digital money. It was launched nine years ago and is known for the popular Shiba Inu dog as its logo.
Bitcoin CashMEX$ 240 This is a special transactional cryptocurrency available on the 1Win betting platfrom that works as an electronic payment system. With it, you can scale bitcoin more efficiently.
LitecoinMEX$ 200 This is virtual digital money that comes with the peer-to-peer principle and is not governed by some bank or other financial authority.
ZcashMEX$ 200 It is one of Bitcoin’s forks. It is distinguished by a fundamentally different hashing algorithm and security protocols.
DashMEX$ 200 This is an easy-to-use digital currency. It combines low-cost and fast payments you can make all over the world.
RippleMEX$ 200 This is a system that has developed its own currency for use in the financial services industry.
StellarMEX$ 1 This is a decentralized payment system that provides a high level of security and anonymity, 

Transaction Time

The 1Win portal provides users with a fast deposit transaction: all available payment methods allow you to get your funds on balance instantly.

1Win Withdrawal Methods

how to withdraw your funds from the 1win Mexico platform

The withdrawal methods are quite the same as the deposit ones. The only drawback is that their number is a bit fewer. Below, you can learn more about withdrawal limits, transaction time, etc.

Withdrawing Limits

1Win withdrawal methods1Win minimal withdrawalBrief overview
Visa/MasterCardMEX$ 650 These are the most popular brands in the electronic payment market. Through co-branded relations, they provide different services for credit, debit, and prepaid cards.
PerfectMoneyMEX$ 100 The system allows users to pay for goods and services on the Internet. It comes with a multilevel security system to exclude the possibility of data and money leakage.
BitcoinMEX$ 3,000 This is a widely-used cryptocurrency you can use on the P2P network. The system works using blockchain technology.
EthereumMEX$ 70 This is the second most popular cryptocurrency after bitcoin, available on the 1Win website. The system provides fast and reliable transfers using smart contracts.
TronMEX$ 290 This is a popular open-source system that uses blockchain technology and adheres to the principles of proof of stake as a consensus algorithm.
Tether ERC20MEX$ 300 This is a stablecoin that uses the blockchain system from Ethereum. This token has features of both cryptocurrency and fiat money.
Tether TRC20MEX$ 300 This system is also a stablecoin that operates under the Tron blockchain technology.
Tether BEP20MEX$ 300 This is the third popular cryptocurrency by Tether that is deployed on Binance Smart Chain.
BinanceMEX$ 300 This is the largest crypto exchange in the world: both in terms of capitalization and the number of types of tokens. It comes with its own crypto token.
MoneroMEX$ 600 1Win betting platform allows you to use this crypto in order to withdraw funds almost instantly. Due to the concealment of transactions, observers cannot decipher the addresses of the transaction participants.
DogeMEX$ 300 This cryptocurrency is not as popular as bitcoin, but it has its own blockchain network and supports the proof of work consensus mechanism.
Bitcoin CashMEX$ 300 It is a permissionless, open network that is available to most crypto wallets.
LitecoinMEX$ 300 This is a quickly developing cryptocurrency used to buy/sell products and services on the Internet. It currently works under its own blockchain system.
ZcashMEX$ 300 This cryptocurrency, is distinguished by a high level of personal data protection and high processing speed. Most transactions come with minimal fees or for free. 
DashMEX$ 300 This is another altcoin available on the 1Win that was originally based on the Bitcoin protocol. Currently, it is supported by most crypto wallets
RippleMEX$ 300 Initially, this digital money was created as a business solution. Currently, it is a popular money transfer network in different spheres, especially in the gambling industry.
StellarMEX$ 300 This is a simple and understandable open-source protocol that is used to transfer fiat money. With it, you can make transactions between any pair of currencies.

Withdrawal Time

As for time limits for withdrawing funds on the 1Win betting site, it may vary depending on the payment system you choose. For example, if you use cryptocurrency, then you can withdraw money in a couple of seconds. In the case of transfers to cards via Visa or MasterCard payments systems, it is take up to several hours.

1Win Cash out

1win Mexico cash out detailed information

To cash out winning funds, you need to make the following simple steps.

  1. Register on the portal, verify your personal data and log into your personal profile.
  2. Find the “Withdrawal” button in the site’s header.
  3. Select the suitable withdrawing method and specify the amount of funds.
  4. Click on the “Withdraw” button to submit the 1Win withdrawal request.


Frequently Asked Questions about Financial Transactions of a Betting Company 1win Mexico
Is the 1Win platform legal?

Yes, the current portal operates fully legal. You can find appropriate data about certificates and licensees in the “Terms of Use” and footer of the platform.

Can bettors use cryptocurrency to place a bet on 1Win?

Yes, this option is available. You can use about 16 types of cryptocurrency t place a deposit as well as withdraw funds.

Is it possible to withdraw funds with verification of the account?

No, according to the 1Win rules and KYC policy, all portal users need to verify their accounts before cashing out.

Which documents can 1Win clients use to verify accounts?

You can upload your ID card, passport, driver’s license, etc. The full list can learn in the platform’s “Terms of Use”.

How fast can bettors make deposits?

As stated on the 1Win platform, all depositing methods provide instant balance replenishment.